Coalition of Law Abiding Sporting Shooters 

 PRESS RELEASE (19 June 2007



The poll on Channel Nine’s “Today” Show, “Should Australia’s Gun Laws be tightened?” produced an interesting result, with 83% voting “NO”. No clear-thinking Australian who has studied the data could possibly believe that taking guns from law abiding citizens could have an effect on those who are determined to live outside ALL laws.

 However, that poll really misses the point. They appear to have overlooked the fact that murder is already a crime, whether carried out with a gun or not. Perhaps the poll SHOULD have read “Should the death penalty be introduced for murder?”

More than one Billion Dollars has already been wasted on gun buybacks, gun registration and detailed police checks of all licensed firearms owners.

Meanwhile (from latest Australian Institute of Criminology statistics) 31% of murders were carried out using knives, 28% using blunt objects, 23% using strangulation/suffocation etc.

Are our Politicians really happy to accept those murders, but to scream “Outrage” in the small percentage of cases when a gun is used?

Australians now understand that “Gun Control” is NOT “Crime Control”!

In fact it’s the opposite, as vast amounts of police time and resources has been wasted harassing law abiding gun owners, while groups like “The Hells Angels” appear to be given free run of our cities.

We only need to refer to the UK example of legislation which targeted the law abiding, while ignoring the real criminals; handguns were totally banned in UK and gun crimes have increased dramatically.   

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