Shooters Group Welcomes Latest Statistics

SYDNEY, 29 October 2005

Latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics proves once again that Licenced Firearms Owners are not the ones committing all the gun crimes.

President of The Coalition of Law Abiding Sporting Shooters, Peter Whelan is quoted as saying,

“The latest figures from ABS, as well as data recently issued by the Australian Institute of Criminology, support the view long held by most Australians, that Gun Control is not Crime Control”.

Whelan went on to explain that, “making law abiding firearms owners suffer with gun buy backs, tough registration requirements, compulsory club attendances and the like, has consumed valuable resources which should have been used to tackle the causes of crime and apprehending the real criminals”.

“Since the 1996 Gun Laws, in excess of one billion dollars was been wasted; assaults have increased by 40%, sexual assault by 25%. Most murders were committed by knives and brute force. We have the medical profession to thank for saving many crime victims, who would in previous years have become murder statistics. That is one reason for the murder rate not having climbed at a similar rate to assaults.

 So called “tough gun laws” didn’t affect the real criminals, who by definition, don’t obey the law!”

Whelan continued, on the topic of suicide. “Even the ABS has acknowledged that, although suicide but firearm has reduced, that decrease has been matched by an equal increase in suicide by hanging”.

“Australia still has mass murders, such as Childers (QLD) where 15 backpackers were murdered and the Snow Town (S.A.) case, involving 12 deaths. In both suicides and mass murders, we have simply seen method substitution”.

“It is timely for the head of the Bureau of Crime Statistics, Don Weatherburn, to admit that gun laws have not had any effect on crime.”

In conclusion Whelan pointed out that New Zealand, which had not introduced such gun laws, was a very safe society, but countries such as U.K. which introduced gun bans in 1997, had experienced a dramatic increase in crime, especially gun crime.

Australia would have become a much safer and healthier Country if the money and other Government resources, wasted on Gun Control, had been spent on Mental Health, or improving Hospitals or Roads.

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Peter Whelan

President, C.L.A.S.S. Action