National Buy A Gun Day

Get one - just because you want to.


Fellow Shooters,
As we are all too aware, the Shooting Sports in general and Gun Owners in particular, have been under severe attack since 1996. More than one billion dollars so far wasted on “Gun Buy Backs” and a complex Bureaucracy involving Inspections, Permits, and Registration.

Of course, we have all been doing what we can to promote the Shooting Sports, by talking to our friends and neighbours about where we go shooting, how much fun it is and how safe it is. As well, we now always show our Firearms Licence, whenever asked for Photo I.D. at Bank or Airport, to let the General Public know Gun Ownership is a normal part of Australian life.

We also point out to non-shooters that they too have suffered, as Crime in all categories climbed since 1996. Murder increased 20% in one year alone (2001/2002), not from Sporting Shooters with Guns, but from Criminals with knives, fists and other weapons. Robbery has almost doubled and Assaults are up 50%.  Police have spent their time and energy harassing Law Abiding Gun Owners, while the REAL Criminals run wild. Community reaction to this dramatic increase in Crime has been to increase their own security. Australia now has in excess of 200,000 PrivaSecte urity Guards, a threefold increase since 1996.
The greater pity is that young people are being deprived of the opportunity to learn to shoot from an early age. Therefore, they miss the chance to develop a sense of personal responsibility and self control which comes from owning a Gun.  Motor Vehicle Deaths are high among young people; for many, a high-powered Car is the first time they have had to control a potentially dangerous piece of equipment!
Now is the time for all Gun Owners to get active. We ask that you join in the CLASS Action plan for National “Buy a Gun” Day, designated Saturday, November 6th 2004.
The attached promotional leaflet is designed so that you simply add the details of your local Shooting Club and Gun Shop. Hand out the leaflet to your friends and neighbours, at your local School, or shopping centre, encouraging them to “give the Shooting Sports a try”.
No doubt your Club has had, or is planning an “Open Day”. While that is a great way to introduce non-shooters to our Sport, the real commitment, and sense of self worth comes with ownership of a Firearm; even if it’s just an air-rifle or bolt action .22 for a Son or Daughter’s twelfth Birthday!  Invite some non-shooters to come along with you to the local Gun Shop, so they can have a friendly talk about which type of Gun they would like to own.
Thank you for your help in promoting and expanding our Sport.