AIC Report is Questionable

Study mislabels suicide as violent crime

4-Jan-2004-- The recent Australian Inst. of Criminology report is obviously complete
rubbish. In  the first place, looking at "Gun Deaths" as a separate category, while not analysing other methods of death, shows a distinct bias.

If the AIC is a truly scientific organisation, they would show that "method substitution" has resulted in INCREASE in suicides. (If a gun is not available, a person intent on doing themselves in, will select a piece of rope,  electrical flex, pills, or car exhaust). Does the AIC believe that only those poor people who used a gun to kill themselves are worthy of investigation, while those who used another method are not worthy of

But wait! What is the AIC doing to even look at "Suicides" as part of their "Criminology" study? Suicide isn't even a Crime, as it was removed from the Laws back in the 1970s;  including "Suicides" as part of a study of "Criminology", is clearly deceptive.

But back to "Gun Deaths"... They had been steadily declining since 1980.

That rate of decline has been maintained, so it should be concluded by AIC that the 1996 "Tough Gun Laws"  in fact had ZERO effect on "Gun Deaths"!!!

What the AIC didn't reveal are the other factors which may have been involved in any  decrease in "Gun Deaths". For example, the number of Shootings (Firearms Assaults)  has actually increased, but because of prompt intervention, many victims  have been saved, rather than becoming a "Gun Death". 


The Medical Profession and Ambulance Services can surely claim credit for saving many lives, after an assault, but they are assisted by the fact that almost everyone now has a mobile phone, so that the request for help  gets through immediately. We may only imagine what improvements in Community welfare and safety could have been achieved if the Millions of Dollars wasted on "Gun Buy Backs", had been put to better use by improving our medical system. (or even by improving the mobile telephone networks!)

Also, the AIC has not given any account of the influence of the many Security Guards who now patrol our Shopping Centres, or to the Closed Circuit TV monitoring of main night-time entertainment areas, or increases in Police numbers, etc.  Do the AIC "researchers" really think that such measures, introduced to cope with an increasingly violent society, have had
no effect on "Gun Deaths"?

The Australian Institute of Criminology has been shown to lack credibility. Once again, we have witnessed  the AIC being used as an agent of Propaganda, promoting the anti-gun agenda of the Howard Government."