Guns and Politics - a framework for understanding

To understand gun politics in Australia, we need to understand our society and the motivations of certain members of it.  The Marxist class-centred view has failed us but that is what informed the educators of today's citizens.  Feminist and  other special-pleading groups now appear to own most of the political spectrum.  Rich versus Poor, Black versus white, Muslim versus westerner...  here is a not-so-new alternative interpretation that makes sense of the Republic referendum outcome, anti-racism, gun politics and other manifestations of political correctness.   Read Article... A Conflict of Values

When a political act needs justification the politician looks for a judge who appears impartial.     The judge he appointed this time was not the politician's stooge; this judge was the one who PLANNED the political act.   Read Article... Science in the Service of Politics

Media Bias - is it just shooting the messenger, or does the profession of journalism let us down with its prejudice?   Read Article... Spinning a Tale

How are we to evaluate the confiscation of sporting guns of 1996-97?  Despite repeated outbursts of self-congratulation, the evidence of benefit is arguable, to say the least.  Read Article...Study Shows No Evidence of Buyback Benefits

The 1996-97 confiscation was one of the largest government seizures of personal property in Western history.   It seems to be taboo to submit it to benefit-cost analysis, as criminologists fail to prove clear benefits.  This article examines the costs it imposed on Australian society Read Article... Cost Analysis of The 1996-97 Australian Gun Buyback

The so-called uniform gun laws contain some  inconsistencies and absurdities.  In many cases, provisions are founded in prejudice rather than any kind of evidence that the measures will give a benefit.  Some ideas that sounded great to those without practical experience act as costly barriers to legitimate participation in shooting sports. 

We think it is time to create a new legal framework based on evidence of benefit. Proposed article... An Evidence-Based Framework for Firearms Regulation

Civil disobedience is a common challenge to laws that offend normal human inclinations.  It is legitimised in much left-wing political activity, in the protests such as those that led to Indian independence from Britain, and celebrated in modern liberal values on the environment, race and sexuality.  What is the extent and nature of civil disobedience to Australian gun laws?  How much further could it go? Proposed article... Reactance, Civil Disobedience and  Australian Freedoms

Australian police forces have unique cultures and problems.  Law-abiding citizens including shooters see the best of them in most transactions, and have a very positive view of their role and their integrity.  In politics though, police efforts are reactionary, over-prescriptive and challenge Australians to defend their freedoms. Proposed article... Police and Prejudice in Firearms Regulation

The radical activist groups that make up the anti-gun movement exploit good people's  natural desire to be on the side of righteousness.  What the media don't say about them is appalling... Proposed article... Activism and Prejudice: Self-Righteousness in Gun Control

Human rights include the right to peaceable enjoyment of ones property, the right to peaceably go about your business, the right to the benefits of your good reputation, and the right to defend your life and freedom against unlawful aggression.  Falsehoods spread by Australian government agencies and Australian police challenge these basic rights of Australians. In 2000, Dr Lech Beltowski wrote this article on self-defense.