CLASS supports Game Bill Amendment 2009.

The Coalition of Law Abiding Sporting Shooters Inc (CLASS) fully endorses the Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill 2009, which has been tabled in NSW Parliament. In supporting the bill, presented by The Shooters Party, CLASS acknowledges the importance of allowing access to National Parks by licenced and qualified sporting shooters.

Such hunters perform a vital conservation role, in a voluntary capacity, not only in reducing the number of feral predators (so improving the survival rate of native wildlife), but also in tackling the problem of particular native species, which may have become dominant from time to time due to climatic conditions, competition or changes in breeding patterns.

For too long large areas of bushland has been locked away as National Parks, State Forests etc. In many of those parks and forests invasive plants, such as blackberries, bracken, lantana, etc have grown unchecked, resulting in a great unbalance among local flora leading to reduced biodiversity among fauna. Permitting conservation hunting in those areas will help restore the balance, while permitting controlled harvesting of native and introduced species for food, trophies or fur/leather.

Many examples can be shown in other Australian States and in other Countries, where such activities have proven to be of benefit to the environment, as well as contributing to the economies of local rural communities. Licenced sporting shooters have had similar access to NSW State forests for several years with data having proven that it is an economical method of reducing the numbers of feral pests without any negative effect on forest usage by other groups.  

The Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill 2009 will go a long way to utilising the inherent value of sustainable resources which would otherwise be wasted.