Five ways you can defend your sport

Contact your local state or federal MP

Make sure your MP knows where you stand on matters that are important to you such as firearms ownership and the right to use your firearms without being punished just for being a gun owner.

Contact your MP

 Contact details for Federal MPs.

State MP contact details can be obtained from state parliamentary websites.

Write Letters, call talk-back radio

Post or email your Letters to the Editor, track which newspapers you have written to and the method of contact. Keep your letters short and polite. Short letters are more likely to be published. Call talk-back radio when you hear a report that is factually incorrect and politely put your point of view.

Write Letters to the Editor

Sign up your friends for CLASS Alerts

Send a message to five of your friends encouraging them to subscribe to CLASS Alerts. Forward a copy of the latest CLASS Alert.

Sign up your friends for CLASS Alerts

Create your own Newsletter

Some of our members and supporters produce their own email newsletter. You can start your own newsletter and send it to all your like-minded friends. Use the CLASS website as a source - or just forward the CLASS email alert. Don't forget to include CLASS on your newsletter email list. One of our more active members produces a daily roundup of developments and news in the shooting world and many others produce a weekly or monthly newsletter. Whatever you do to spread the word is invaluable in helping to counter the spread of misinformation.

Create your own Newsletter

There is a great deal of desktop publishing and web authoring software available free on the internet.

Grease the wheels

CLASS gratefully acknowledges the help of our of all those whose financial support helps "grease the wheels". Donations to CLASS, can be made by cheque or direct deposit. If you use direct deposit, remember to send us an email with details of your transfer so we can acknowledge your generous donation. A donation of $50 entitles you to lifetime membership, but even if you are unable to help us directly we hope you will follow the suggestions here and become an active promoter of the great sport of shooting.

Direct Debit is safe and easy to use we show you how.