Tasmanian electorates and candidates:

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Tasmania uses the Hare-Clark system of multiple member electorates. There are five electorates each returning five members to the Lower House of Parliament and, while some are sympathetic to shooters, some are openly hostile. For the Tasmanian lower house with Hare-Clarke   a how to vote preferential listing all candidates voting card is not allowed. No-one handing out cards at polling booths. Therefore, voters need to be sure for whom they wish to vote before entering the polling booth. The Greens are pushing for a 40 member single chamber parliament.


Elections for the Tasmanian Legislative Council (upper house) are conducted every year in two or three of the total number of seats, and  not usually in conjunction with the Legislative Assembly (lower house), which is elected every four years. In some years, three electorates are voted on - in others two, as there is an odd number of electorates. Upper House MP's hold office for six years.

When the issue of electing a pro firearms candidate was debated in Tasmania in 1996, Tas First stood for the federal lower house and  very nearly got one candidate up in the widespread rural electorate of Lyons Tas First were ahead early and lost by a small margin.  In later years Tas First has concentrated on the Federal Senate.