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CLASS Research and Opinion

Gun Control in the UK, Canada and Australia: Gary Mauser

Australian Gun Controls - Should More be Done? A Medical Research Paper

Gun Prohibition in Australia - An Expensive Mistake. Download the PDF (848 Kb)

Self-Defence in New Zealand has been examined by Dr Lech Beltowski.

Spinning a Tale - download PDF - Media Bias and Government Spin: Working Together for a 'Safer' Australia. html version

Australian Criminology's Integrity Test

Australia's New Class Structure

Civil Disobedience and Private Gun Ownership

The Next Round in Gun Control

Australian gun controls: Should more be done?

Addendum to Australian gun controls: Should more be done?

Study shows buyback had no effect on the murder rate

Gun Laws and Sudden Death - False claims about new study

Time for new ideas on gun laws

NSW: Principle club nomination

Questions that remain after Virginia Tech

Genocide, Murder and the Fundamental Right to Defend One's Life


Talking to the media: Internal IANSA talking points memo for UN conference on Small Arms Control


Coroners Flawed Findings Murder/suicide in NSW.


Class President Peter Whelan and others, have replied to the Chapman-Alpers paper on the IP website. 


Reply to Chapman/Alpers Paper by Drs Jeanine Baker and Samara McPhedran.


  Gun Laws and Sudden Death: An important study on the effects of the buybacks. They did nothing to make Australia safer say the authors. Email the authors for a copy.


●  Drawing a bead: $50,000 per ticket fundraiser helps European anti-gunners fund US gun ban campaigns.


●  National Security-Swiss Style: Since 1291, Switzerland has defended itself through the use of a heavily-armed populace and a robust militia. Throughout the past 800 years, the Swiss citizenry has defended their liberty against threats both foreign and domestic. 


●  Suicide numbers 'significantly under counted'

A new study suggests there are problems with the official Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data that have led to serious under-counting of suicides nationally.


●  Selfish abuse drives a public wrong In his opinion piece of 20 October 2007, the SA Director of Public Prosecutions tried to whip up some nasty emotionalism against firearm owners. 


Over our dead bodies: A Critical Review. 'Over our dead bodies, Port Arthur and Australia’s fight for gun control by Simon Chapman' read review


Commonwealth Government Parliamentary Background Note No.1 2007-08 - A guide to some of the literature, statistics and information on firearm ownership, firearm offences, firearm controls and government policies since the Port Arthur massacre in 1996. Firearms in Australia: a guide to electronic resources.


In defence of shooting CLASS paper "Harness the power of the membership" - download in PDF format