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The Australian Institute of Criminology is the 'official umpire' on crime and guns research.  On their site you will find many articles of interest.  Read carefully all abstracts and look carefully at the framing of interpretation and press releases.  In our opinion their data is truthful.

The Sporting Shooters Association of Australia has some fairly basic reviews of research data.  Most of data is from the Australian Bureau of Statistics or the Australian Institute of Criminology.

Gun Laws do Not Reduce Criminal Violence According to Fraser Institute Study. Read more...

John Lott started out to do some econometric research.  He found himself the poster boy of a hate campaign that spanned the world.  What his research found was no measurable benefit from gun control, some very clear benefits of private gun ownership, and a clear indication that letting citizens carry handguns cut down on massacres like Port Arthur and other public violence.  He also found that the media actively suppress the news of ordinary people using guns to prevent violence.  Read his articles here.

In Canada, civil disobedience is the natural response to overweening arrogance in Government - Law-abiding Unregistered Firearms Association.

Gun-Banning Activists

Judge them by the quality of thinking involved.  Do they pull emotional triggers to coerce your support?  Do they deal fairly with evidence, or do they peddle anecdotes told 'their way'?

Gun Control Australia.   Look for respect for their fellow citizens, look for fair-mindedness, look for reasonable behaviour.  Look for a reply to your email enquiries.  Just don't hold your breath. 

National Coalition for Gun Control.  Look for their website. Look for their officers.  Look for their membership.  They are not a registered organization, they don't  inform people who they are, they don't have membership to explain themselves to.   Are they just a handful of  watermelon activists displaying their moral superiority?   Their every word gets airtime.

That doesn't stop them being right about some things: " As the National Coalition for gun control stated in their press release today: The new legislation will be a waste of money and resources and should not be considered a buyback but a trading post for hand gun owners to trade in their old, unpopular hand gun for a newer, more macho model. "

Forums for discussion of these issues:

The Australian Firearms Discussion Forum was moved off the SSAA website after one too many of the powerful took exception to a voter expressing their opinion.

Australian Hunting Forums: A great bunch of people.  

Public Debate Open Forum often has gun control topics where both pro and anti positions are kicked around.

Other great and interesting groups, collectors, clubs, associations:

International Military Arms Association

Toastmasters International - learn public speaking and leadership to broaden your effectiveness in society.