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What is CLASS?

The Coalition of Law Abiding Sporting Shooters (C.L.A.S.S.) is a group of Australians fed up with the abuse of power by the ruling class of Australia: our politicians, public servants and media. We are not a shooting club. We are not a political party. We are a group of concerned Australians  contributing to the public discourse on guns and power in our country. We are volunteers serving our community. Most of all,  we are sick and tired of the blame game practiced by state and federal politicians.

We look for ways to move the debate on guns toward evidence-based, fair measures which limit violence, while returning to decent Australians the right to go freely about their business.  We publicise unbiased research and statistics that add to the debate. We publicise the inherent bias of many in the media.

Visit our Opinion and Research page for more.

John Howard loses another federal election! It is my firm belief that the Liberal Party would have emerged from this election a clear winner with a workable majority had it not been for the legacy of John Howard.

When John Howard engineered the “Gun Grabs” he alienated hundreds of thousands of former Liberal voters. Read More...

Gun Control Obsession. "Mr. Crook has not recently fallen into mental illness; his ideas were always fantastical. In libraries across the country, a snowstorm of badly-photocopied booklets show his weird obsession that ordinary sportspeople are really killers proven and convicted." Read More...

In Defence of Shooting. "The Australian Shooting Associations should learn from the advertising campaign conducted by the Mining Lobby which so frightened the governing Australian Labor Party (ALP) that it conducted what has been described as a 'brutal political coup' and installed a new prime minister." Read More...

Private Encroachments. "The assumption that the

government is entitled to own all the guns

while the people have none is consistent with the concept of the unaccountable sovereign."


CLASS supports the NSW Game Bill Amendment 2009: The Coalition of Law Abiding Sporting Shooters Inc (CLASS) fully endorses the Game and Feral Animal Control Amendment Bill 2009, which has been tabled in NSW Parliament. In supporting the bill, presented by The Shooters Party, CLASS acknowledges the importance of allowing access to National Parks by licensed and qualified sporting shooters.


Unintended Consequences: (part 1)

In 1972 the Irish Republic instigated an order, since deemed illegal, to arbitrarily confiscate all privately owned centre-fire rifles and handguns other than .22/250 rifles. This paper illustrates the unintended, tragic consequences of this action.

Read More

Unintended Consequences (Part 2):

Many decisions, taken without due consider-qtion, give rise to 'unintended con-sequences', (Politics is often given over to the rise of "unintended con-sequences") one of which is the total loss of experience with firearms that may have led to the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of a police officer during firearms training in Britain. Read More

CLASS President replies to Tim Fischer on "Howard's Legacy" in the Australian Financial Review. Read More

WiSH fact sheet: Firearms theft in Australia is extremely low and the incidence of stolen firearm use in crime is statistically insignificant. Read More

US website Q. and A. on Australian values: With a focus on gun ownership.

Q1: Hunting, I’m told, is safer than table tennis, so why are hunters treated like “red necks” even if they’re Africans?
A: Red neck is a term of derision used by 'progressives' to refer to those they disagree with. Progressives disapprove of hunting.

Selfish Abuse Drives a Public Wrong

It is time to call vicious, undeserved prejudice for what it is.  In his opinion piece of 20 October 2007, the SA Director of Public Prosecutions tried to whip up this nasty emotionalism against his neighbours.  He heaps a storm of abusive language on his targets, he contrasts them with saintly police, doctors, mothers and children; he rhetorically joins his targets to ‘men of violence’.

Stephen Pallaras: Quick on the draw

Stephen Pallaras, S.A.'s  DPP's has made it his mission of the week to get rid of guns in South Australia. He has been criticized by many in the state for the lack of evidence that his proposal will have any practical effect on the criminal misuse of guns. Mr Palllar--as says that if there were no guns, there would be no criminal misuse of them. And if there were no cars there would be no criminal misuse of them.

What he really means is that licenced gun owners must continue to be blamed for the misdeeds of criminals. Read Gun owners are not the enemy,

(Link at top of page).


Coroners Flawed Findings

Recently the Media carried variations of the headline, “Tighten firearms licences: NSW coroner”. The story related to the tragic murder of his family by a father Read More...

Did banning Firearms reduce Murder and Suicide? You’ve heard the bogus statistics, skewed studies and incompatible comparisons that the anti-gun lobby and the media elite endlessly repeat ad nauseum in their read the truth.   Read the Truth...

Gun control in the United States and elsewhere:

Gun control successes in the United States, should they eventuate, will impact adversely on shooters everywhere. We believe that those who think otherwise are seriously misinformed. Read More...

Prohibition and Gun Control:

I wonder if anyone can tell me who said this:  “We will find any means we can to further restrict them because I hate guns."

Read More.

Poison Pill: An essay by Dave Kopel. When banning guns gets tough...ban gun owners. Read More...

Growing up about political disagreement: Comment by Chris Allen. Read More

Unintended Consequences:

r and his subsequent suicide by shooting. He stabbed and suffocated his wife and suffocated his two small children. A deputy NSW coroner included a recommendation that the procedure for issuing firearm licences be tightened. Read an article in a Canadian newspaper: Gun owners are not the enemy. They're not criminals, either!



Ideas Kill: Science and the Massacre The root cause of the rash of massacres has been identified by forensic psychiatrists.

Guns and Politics in Australian Society collecting articles to establish a broad picture of the politics of guns.
-Social Meaning
-Evaluating AIC Research

The National Coalition for Gun Control: Who are they? Are they a committee of one and a fax machine?

Fake claims about new study.

A new study published in the prestigious British Journal of Criminology finds that the Buyback had no benefit in reducing Australia's murder rate.  Sadly, the AAP article on this appears to be recycled NCGC misdirection. The flaws in the article are: 

(1) The article labels the researchers 'pro-gun lobbyists', and fails to consistently use Dr Baker's correct title.

(2) The article claims that other research shows differently, but no reference is provided to this 'research'. 

(3) The article gives  ban recreational guns.the last word to 'Sydney university professor Simon Chapman', but does not say that Chapman is a gun control activist who helped lead the campaign to

Buyback Had No Effect on Murder Rate The  Buyback did not produce benefits clear enough to measure.

CLASS President Peter Whelan, and others, have replied to the Chapman-Alpers paper on the IP website Read more

Reply to Chapman/Alpers Paper by Drs Jeanine Baker and Samara McPhedran

Email  the authors' for a copy


Just by being here you are already a part of the fight, but by joining CLASS as a paid up member you can do more to stop creeping gun control.

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CLASS has been around about 12 years and is a grassroots organisation manned exclusively by volunteers. It costs money to maintain the site, and  just issuing a media release to a major press organisation for distribution costs $900. If you are able to help us with a financial donation we will be forever grateful.


You can mail your cheque or postal order to us at:

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Stop the NSW Ammunition Controls

A letter to use as a templatee, here Please use your own words.

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 DOUBLE CLICK to hear NRA Executive Vice President, Wayne LaPierre's, address to the United Nations  opposing the UN Arms  Trade Treaty, July 2011.



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